Buzz Extension and Resistance Piece

The B.E.R.P. system includes play-a-long exercises. Download the pdf file and listen to the tracks:

Written exercises (pdf) How to use the BERP (pdf)
Track 1 Introduction
Track 2 Breathing Exercise
Track 3 Controlled breathing exercise
Track 4 Embouchure lesson
Track 5

Isometric embouchure exercise

Track 6 Embouchure buzzing exercise
Track 7 Controlled air stream buzzing exercise
Track 8 Ready for the instrument
Track 9 Tonguing lesson
Track 10 Descending lesson
Track 11 Combination lesson
Track 12 Flexibility exercise A
Track 13 Flexibility exercise B
Track 14 Flexibility exercise C
Track 15 Flexibility exercise D
Track 16 Flexibility exercise D
Track 17 Closing comments

For more information, see BERP